Sadaf Michaelsen

Born: 04th July 1985 in Teheran. Since 2016 Mirzaei turns to Michaelsen



10/2010 -10/2014


Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, Cologne
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design
Achieved highest grade: 1,0. Highest grade in Germany 2014. 
Awarded scholarship for 2 terms


08/2007 - 10/2010

Professional Education (Ausbildung), Bornheim / Bonn
Digital & Print Media Designer
As part of German education system, students can complete a period of professional education while also studying. I chose to study Digital & Print Media Design at the Heinrich-Hertz Business School, completing the three year course in only two years. I also completed an internship alongside this with Off Limits IT Services Gmbh (see ‘Professional Experience’).




11/2016 - Present


elmo Paperstories Ltd
Founder & Director
Wedding & Occasion Stationery - Design of ready made products like notebooks, notepads and vowsbooks. Online shop:

02/2014 - Present


Freelance Work in London



Little Green Home Ltd
Founder & Director
Little Green Home was launched with my design and mentoring as a online shop with the very best natural and non-toxic baby and children products. 

Along with 2 partners we worked on positioning and developing a well established online shop for the best organic brands and products around the world. I had full responsibility for all design aspects and marketing materials in the company. From creating the Logo and the look and feel at the beginning to styling the marketing and social media channels for the brand. The design of newsletters, templates for Instagram, illustrations, form templates and many more were created by me.

The brand developed a strong visual appearance especially on the social media channel Instagram and we were able to create a unique and distinctive image on the organic market.

Creating and concepting the daily business materials as well as bringing the business plan to perfection were part of my roles.


02/2012 - 02/2015


Ben Kollektiv, Brand Agency, Cologne
Launched my own brand and design agency, during my degree at Macromedia, alongside 6 other students. What began as an effective way for students to work on real-life design projects, soon grew into an established business supporting myself and another partner. 

We delivered over 35 projects focusing on corporate identity, logo design, graphic design and website delivery. My partner and I had responsibility for all aspects of the design process: art direction; graphic and web design; and initial design concepts. Please see my website for an overview of some of the projects ( – I hope you like it! 

Managing my own company also came with full responsibility for non-design activities: sales; client management; project management; company administration and much more. 

We were focused on putting the needs of the client at the forefront of our business, delivering a timely and fully customized product for each client. Clients included both start-ups as well as established small to mid-sized companies, spanning a number of industries: exclusive furniture, transportation and logistics, food services, photography, healthcare and many more. 

We also had the pleasure of being contracted by larger, established design agencies, which we took to be a reflection of the quality of our work. 


04/2012 - 05/2013

Köln Design e.V., Design Association, Cologne
Graphic and Web Designer
Part time employment while studying for my degree. Responsible for maintaining and developing websites using the content management system drupal. Role covered print and project Management, event planning and organising, preparing corporate stationary and marketing material. Worked in a team of 5.


03/2011 - 03/2012

Pontialis GmbH, IT and Technology Sales, Cologne
Graphic and Webdesigner
Part time employment during my degree course. Role included activities across the full design chain from concept development to designing landing pages and newsletters for variety of products, as well as designing micro sales websites for clients. 


07/2009 - 10/2010

Off Limits It Services Gmbh, IT Services Company, Bornheim
Digital & Print Media Designer
Employed as part of my professional education in Germany. Gained significant experience in web design, HTML, CSS, content management systems, newsletter programming. Other responsibilities included project management, customer care, marketing and idea development and delivery. 





Cologne Design Award

Bachelor thesis was nominated for the Cologne Design Award in 2013. The thesis was entitled: „Social Design in Iran: Developing a Corporate Identity Campaign for Stray Cats in Iran“.



Winner, Concrete Design Competition 

Annual competition for designers and architects in Germany, challenged to find innovative new designs relating to concrete. This was a challenge I relished and together with two architecture students from Spain, we concentrated on how we could animate a static material like concrete, by adding unusual elements such as music.

Judges’ comments:
“The work transmits a scientific method for the visualization of sounds and waves on the architecture and enters new areas of space and shaping. The Cymatik results of visualization in pictures and video recordings, showing the quickly normally quickly hardening material in a complete different way





German: Native spoken and written
English:  competent spoken and written
Persian: Native spoken and competent written



  • Design Conception

  • Designthinking

  • Branding

  • Corporate Design & Identity

  • Web & UX design also for Content Management Systems like Wordpress, getKirby

  • Print and Editorial design

  • Art Direction

  • Project management

  • Print & Prepress





Obsessed with Print, Papers and Illustrations. Details are everything to me. Design to me is clever and thoughtful details within concepts. Would love to own an old Heidelberg letterpress machine.